Our Core Values of Respect Yourself, Other and the Environment were chosen by our community who worked alongside pupils and the Headteacher to decide what was important to them.

Posters in school remind us every day that respect is so important in preparing our children for today’s multi-cultural society. To support and encourage our values we teach diversity throughout our curriculum but especially through Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Religious Education (RE), and Circle time. We have recently been awarded the Stonewall School Champions award for our work on Diversity, a big achievement and something we are very proud of.

We encourage children to communicate orally and through writing, to think and solve problems mathematically and to express feelings and emotions in a creative manner. We help children acquire moral values so they can live happily within our community, find enjoyment in school and gain satisfaction from their own achievements.

Our vision is simple, we are striving for excellence in all that we do and we are passionate that our pupils receive the very best education, realise their full potential in a happy and caring environment, enabling them to lead a full, purposeful and happy life.

What Makes Us Extraordinary?

As an TPAT academy we work with a number of organisations and initiatives to develop our pupils and give them a vibrant and enriching educational experience.

No Child Left Behind

Our aim is to make sure every child fulfils their potential; not all pupils will be traditionally academic so it is important that every child has choices and develops the valuable skills that will enable them to succeed beyond school and in life.