We believe passionately in adventurous learning activities and providing children with rich opportunities to be responsible, to challenge themselves and believe that they can achieve despite the significance of any challenge ahead. This belief is supported by research on the positive impact adventure learning and leadership programmes have on a young person’s self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience. By placing great emphasis on the quality and breadth of adventure curriculum design we have seen improvement in children’s social and emotional skills and improvements in wellbeing, including self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience.

Already this year we have;

  • Reached the summit of Snowdon (the hard way!)
  • Planted, grown, harvested and sold produce from our poly tunnel
  • Hiked 12 miles from St Ives to Gulval along the St Michaels Way
  • With the support of Cornwall Outdoors, climbed 8 vertical meters fully harnessed!
  • Walked to the top of St Michael’s Mount with our youngest children
  • Completed a river walk through Gulval Village
  • Cooked delicious goodies around our fire pit and
  • Completed a woodland night walk (pitch black and very scary!)

What next?

To continue to provide our adventure-based curriculum experiences, ensuring that all opportunities are available for all children. Our aspiration is for every child to have the opportunity to stand on the top of Snowdon but beyond that, an elite team of mountaineers will be taking on the National 3 Peaks very soon! We are bound by nothing other than our imaginations and it continues to be so important, in a changing society, that we provide these rich adventurous learning experiences for our children.